Race Grades



There is a lot that goes into a successful race (aside from the donut consumption prior to toeing the line). However, there is only so much that a runner can do to be prepared for that glorious day (and/or night) of blisters, chaffing, and dehydration.

Here at Flyover Trail Running, I feel for the runner, and I have gladly put myself in front of the gauntlet of several trail races in the region for all of those runners. I have survived, but not without learning a few things. With the Race Grading system I, as any teacher would, break down the race into separate categories; giving you an average assault of what to expect, prior to embracing your mortality.

Note: As much as I enjoy joking about my insane adventures, each score sheet takes into account the actual race, and does not spend as much time on humor.


A low average score does not necessarily mean that the race is a horrible event, but that does mean there are specific challenges that should be noted in the outlined areas of scoring. The higher the average score, the higher likelihood that this is a good ‘overall’ race for anyone to enjoy.

Areas that are graded:

  • Atmosphere: Weather conditions.
  • Terrain: What is the trail made of? Elevation? Climbing? Exposure?
  • Logistics/Aid: How is the race managed? Ease of access, support, and number of available volunteers.
  • Post Race: What can you expect after you finish?
  • Beginners Luck: Should a new runner take a chance with this course being their first?
  • Average: Final score after all five areas have been scored and averaged.

Race Grades:

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