About Me

I’m a blend of aspiring author, adrenaline junky, and donut connoisseur.

I am not a professional athlete. I did not have a collegiate running career, my high school did not have a cross country team, and my track coach pulled me on the 6th lap of the two mile race solely out of pity (the leader had lapped me three times).

In my head I grace the trails like a gazelle, but in reality I look more like a flopping dinosaur with long legs and little arms.ย It has taken some time, but I’ve slowly started to accept this as my own and accepted me…for me.

I write about trail running because of two reasons:

  1. I’m a firm believer that there are a lot of people out in this world that wake up like myself (I am so, so sorry). We want to be amazing, or at least we want to move, but we are afraid to do so. It is not something that sheer willpower overwhelms, but it is a blend of that, plus social groups, and a dash of insanity. When those pieces come together like a messed up puzzle, greatness happens. My hope is that my experiences at least allow others to know that the most entertaining parts of life can be found near a tree, a river, or leftovers from last night’s raccoon party.
  2. Holy smokes I love laughing! While I was not a track star in high school, I did enjoy causing others to laugh, and even have a trophy designated solely to standup comedy. When people laugh it brings them closer together, and gives hope in sometimes dire situations. I cannot think of much more dire situations then being stuck in the mountains of Utah, the swamps of Kansas, or the freezing tundra of Arkansas in December. Those are the moments, mile 8 in a 30 mile race, that we hold on to the humor that got us into this mess, and will likely get us out of this mess.

I joke with people that truly I just took off, disappeared into the woods one day, and truly had no idea what I was doing. That really does sum up my journey in the trail running world, and I have absolutely zero regrets.

I hope you will be able to one day, if not now, say the same.


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