Review: Red Rock 5K Fun Run

Happy Jul 4th and welcome to Mound City, Missouri! You will need to watch out for tractors, lawn mowers, and an occasional lost cow wandering the streets. Each Fourth of July this small farming community gets together for their annual parade, and the Red Rock 5K Fun Run. 2016 marked their 26th running of the event. Meaning, for 26 years this town of 1000 people have been hosting this race.

Do not allow the size of the town fool you on the talent of the running pool, or the kindness (lack there of) of the course.

For a low sum of $25 you can enter into the Red Rock 5K Fun Run. The course is all road, so lace up your best shoes for asphalt pavement. It is vital to note that Mound City is located on the bluffs of the Missouri River in far Northwest Missouri. “Bluff” is a geographical term used to identify large rolling hills along both sides of a river basin. Understanding this key part is vital for your success at Red Rock.

The course is a hybrid of a circuit and a down-and-back. You do end where you start, but the trip back is different from the trip to the halfway point. Taking the route will guide you through the residential section of Mound City. You’ll see Mound City R-2 schools, three parks, and will be able to locate the golf course if someone asks you. Local police do block off the main highway portions of this course to local traffic. Overall the community loves the event, so everyone gets along swimmingly.

Oh, there’s one thing you should be aware of when starting out on this course from the parking lot of the Dollar General.

The climb.

Check this out; the entire 1.4 miles to the turnaround point is uphill. Overall it is nearly a 200 foot climb in elevation. This includes a one portion that with a 6% grade, another portion with a 4% grade, and two sections with a 3% grade. If you’re not ready for some chronic, constant climbing this little course will doom you from the beginning.

The good news to this is what comes up…must come down, and the courses comes down quick. This includes nearly a half mile (2.5-3.0) at a -4% grade. Prepare your knees accordingly.

The Goods:
Appreciate what people do for you. As humorous as it is to find small town races (and the secrets that they have in them), the reality is that it still takes a lot to put on each race. With a fee of $25, Red Rock depends a lot on corporate sponsors in the area for support. Look forward to a t-shirt and a bottle of water upon finishing. If you are crazy fast (see ‘The Results’) there is a chance for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal from your respective age group and overall.

The Results:
On top of the course challenges are the runners as well. Growing up in the area I understand the work ethic of farming communities. However, I’m a strong advocate for noting these small towns need cross country teams. I say that due to the marvelous speed that some people put on. A 30:00.00 5K would place in the bottom 1/4 of the group for perspective, and this year someone from North Brooklyn Running Club was there to put on a show also (yes, as in Brooklyn, New York).

A quick word about small town races; they will go one of two ways. It could be a great place for you to win if the field is small and the course is smooth…or…it could be similar to qualifying for the Olympics in mountain goat racing.

***End of Review, Continue for My Results***

Four years ago my girlfriend (now, wife) and I found this little 5K race. It was her first ever 5K, so it seemed safe. I even ran/walked the majority of it with her and had a pretty good time. Things have changed in those four years. While I did not hit a PR today, I did surprisingly come close to it. I’ll admit that the uphill for half the course is just brutal if you are not prepared, and let’s be real, I’m never fully prepared for anything that has to do with running.

Consistency has definitely been afoot this year during the races. This is the fourth race this year that I have finished fourth in my age group. Personally, I will admit that I was disappointed with myself, and the effort put a bit of a damper on the 4th of July holiday.

More importantly though, it signaled my transition. Today’s race was the last one that I’ll be training for on the road. I’ve learned a lot through the process of training on trails, and I look forward to heading into the jungle more frequently for actual competitions (my wife said she would come along too).

Mound City Race
See if I’m smiling after the next race…


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