Global Running Day

I am lost until I decide to start moving…

Knowing that today was #globalrunningday, I was actually excited to treat today like that of an actual holiday. It is a day that connects a universal truth throughout humanity, culture, and society; the art and joy of running.

Locally, that meant taking time to travel into Kansas City and enjoy an evening of running, pizza, beer, and friends in the running community. The team I run with was there, along with the shoe company whose shoes I wear, and of course plenty of local foods and beverages to enjoy. There was no competition, there was no race, it was just a time where anyone and everyone placed one foot in front of another as a declaration that their unity will always be tied together with each step they take.

Still hate short shorts, but I’d be lost without my singlets.

I wish we taught that concept at an earlier age…

Stepping back into the world of nostalgia; a time before smart phones, clouds, and photo digital photos; I came across from real photos that my mother had taken of me at one of my high

Make no mistake; I was being lapped at this point.

school track meets. Try to reserve your laughter for later…

The images invoked a spectacular remembrance of my amazing failures in high school. I was the only senior on the track team not to qualify for some event for the state track meet. Meaning, when our school won the men’s state title; I wasn’t a part of that celebration. It wasn’t anything wrong with the coaches, other runners, or the program. It was the fact that I had no idea what I was doing in this sport…no…this community.

Similar to an earlier post about running solo, I had no idea that this community was all about working together in order to find individual success. Ironically the sport that looks to be most individualized, may actually require the most teamwork to find success. I wish I had understood that at an earlier age. I am grateful for days like today where I get to reflect back on what I have learned in such a short time with this global running group.

11 years later…and still moving…

Knowing what today is in the eyes of not only a runner, but also as a coach, stirs this importance within my heart on ensuring that students of running understand the connection of their steps and the world they live in. Unfortunately, still so many other sports utilize running as a form of punishment for failing to follow instructions of their own sport. This, I fear, causes unnecessary desires to avoid running at all costs for people so young, and as a teacher I can tell you those habits can carryover into their adulthood.

It can be hard convincing people of the joy of running, of moving, of flying. For so many the concept doesn’t connect. I hope more days like today can trigger longer emotional impacts to a world of not just movers and shakers, but someday of runners.


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